The Industry Legend

Striking a perfect combination of elegance and resonance, our SS Classic snare drum is a tried and true go-to for artists everywhere. As Noble & Cooley’s first product in the professional drum arena, the SS Classic solidified our reputation as the leading manufacturer and original maker of The World’s Best Drums. These snare drums were the first steam-bent, solid shell drums of the modern era. They have been used on countless recordings since their introduction in the early 1980s and continue to be the instruments of choice by professional players today.  



1/4" solid rock maple (or other domestic hardwood) is hand-picked for grain consistency and run through a steam bending process dating back to the Civil War. Our single ply shells vibrate more freely than the multi-ply shells commonly used, giving our SS classic its warmth and legendary bite. 



Our snare system includes the snares, the throw-off, and the snare beds, and comes with Noble & Cooley patented cam action snare wires designed to allow tight tensioning without choking the bottom. These vibrate beautifully at medium and loose tensions, and can be tuned up or down as needed. Our brass throw-off is smooth and simple, allowing the snare wires to be engaged or disengaged easily.



Nodal Point technology is Noble & Cooley’s very own patent. By placing the lug post at the nodal point of the shell’s natural wavelength, we ensure that the intrinsic tone-creating vibration is unaffected by the mass of the lug. Instead of all drumhead sound, the shell itself adds to the ultimate tone of the drum.



The bearing edge is the point of contact between the shell and the drumhead. The accuracy of this bearing edge determines the drums tone and tunability. Our edges are lathed to create maximum resonance and projection. True to 1/10,000th of an inch, our artfully customized drums have hand cut bearing edges that are checked twice on a machinist's grade granite flat, ensuring consistent pitch.


Rich, dark, deep and fat. Sharp and articulate with a strong attack and cut, but with a resounding warm tone and fundamental.


Enhanced lows, enhanced highs and reduced mids with good sustain. It is dryer while still providing good sustain.


Low, thick bottom-end. Ideal for lower tunings with power to cut through any mix in a mid range tuning, and still provides plenty of crisp body in higher tunings.


Balanced highs and lows with scooped mids. Has a lot of punch and attach with a shorter sustain. Good for louder applications and the studio.


Breathy, aged quality that emphasizes mid - and low - range frequencies with  personality of old military style marching snares. Stick strokes are dry, focused, and fat.


Since 1983 the SS Classic in maple is still the industry standard for its versatility.  Solid maple is a resonant wood with rich, warm tones and great sustain.


Warm, open, and rich. Low midrange frequency response.  Favors lower tunings.

Rich, projective midrange and balance without favoring bass or treble frequencies.  More focused, crisp fundamental than maple.

All samples played by Deven Massarone and recorded at Chief Soundworks

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