The ability to create something new from something used is a skill that Noble & Cooley has artfully mastered.  We take pride in offering this service as our drums oftentimes stay with drummers for their entire careers, accumulating unique stories and experiences.  We can restore your instrument to its former glory allowing you to preserve the memories and keep playing your drums regularly.

For our snares with brass hardware the refurbishing process covers removing, polishing, and re-lacquering the hardware, checking and tuning the bearing edges, cleaning the shell, and replacing all of the worn screws, nuts, washers, and tension rods.  Once refurbished, your used drums take on a new personality and a rejuvenated sound.

Price is $150/drum + shipping and handling.  Full Kits, ALLOY Classics, or snares with plated hardware - contact us for a quote based  on your configuration.

Heads and snare wires can also be added at an additional cost.