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Designed to complement our CD Maple drum kits, these snare drums are traditional and pure sounding.  Made of all maple ply construction, these are built with different shell thicknesses to optimize the tone of each size snare size. The CD snare provides all the attack and warmth that drummers love about Maple snare drums. With a similar ambient sound and wide tuning range like our CD Maple drum sets, these snares are a great addition to any kit.  Often copied.  Never duplicated.



Rather than place a single vent hole on the shell simply for manufacturing convenience, we did our research, because that’s the kind of attention to detail we put into everything we do. If we’re going to drill holes in our drums, we want to do so with purpose. We found that multiple, strategically and symmetrically placed venting holes made a significant difference in both the sound and feel of the drum.



Noble & Cooley uses different ply configurations for different diameter shells. After realizing one single ply configuration did not provide optimal tone for different shell sizes, we researched, tried, and tested until we successfully created the best sounding combination.

13" Snares are 5 mm thick

14" Snares are 6 mm thick

See and Hear

4.5" X 14" Custom Design Snare

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6.5" X 14" Custom Design Snare

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The CD Maple snare drum is a traditional ply maple shell.  It is a resonant wood with rich, warm tones and great sustain.

All samples played by Deven Massarone and recorded at Chief Soundworks

Available sizes

We can customize beyond these standard options. Contact us to find out how.

CD Maple Size Chart

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