The Holy Grail – An entire solid shell kit

For many years drum manufacturers (including Noble & Cooley) have tried to produce solid shell kits in significant quantities. From our earliest offering of the SS Classic series to the Star series, we have always sought the purity of tone and resonance that only a solid shell kit can produce. Manufacturing limitations and cost considerations have prevented this from becoming a reality – until now. We are proud to introduce our first complete truly solid shell drums in popular sizes and configurations for drummers obsessed with tone. With a full range of sound, focused low end, superior attack and tremendous resonance, these drums give you endless options for expressing yourself musically.


Steam Bent Solid Shell available in
Oak, Maple or Tulip

One-piece construction

Solid Reinforcing Hoops

All Toms include Rims style suspender with CoolMount system

Your choice of Evans, Remo or Aquarian heads

2.3 mm Flanged, Die Cast or Wooden hoops

All of our drums are hand finished, not wrapped, with oil, stain or paint.



Enhanced lows, enhanced highs and reduced mids with good sustain. It is dryer while still providing good sustain.


Low, thick bottom-end. Ideal for lower tunings with power to cut through any mix in a mid range tuning, and still provides plenty of crisp body in higher tunings.


Balanced highs and lows with scooped mids. Has a lot of punch and attach with a shorter sustain. Good for louder applications and the studio.


Breathy, aged quality that emphasizes mid - and low - range frequencies with  personality of old military style marching snares. Stick strokes are dry, focused, and fat.


Since 1983 the SS Classic in maple is still the industry standard for its versatility.  Solid maple is a resonant wood with rich, warm tones and great sustain.


Warm, open, and rich. Low midrange frequency response.  Favors lower tunings.

Rich, projective midrange and balance without favoring bass or treble frequencies.  More focused, crisp fundamental than maple.

All samples played by Deven Massarone and recorded at Chief Soundworks

Available sizes




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