Mike Pedicone

Mike Pedicone started seriously playing drums in 2000 with his current band The Bled. Before this he played hand drums and percussion in a latin/jazz combo. The Bled have been on the road since 2001 and have performed at venues all over the world alongside bands from Slipknot to The Used. 

Being recognized for his hard hitting style and flavorful fills; in 2006 Mike was asked to play as a fill in drummer in HELMET for the vans summer warped tour. You can also hear Pedicone on a soon to be released hip hop record by ryhme sayers POS.

Currently you can find Mike holding down the beat on the TV circuit with Gavin Rossdale. He will also accompany Gavin on the upcoming tour.

"I chose Noble & Cooley because from the first time i heard their drums i thought there was nothing better. I ended up doing The Bled's first record on Noble & Cooley drums and was fortunate enough to soon after become part of the family. They really are the worlds best sounding drums." -Mike Pedicone