Martin Lopez

Martin Lopez (born 20 May 1978 in Stockholm) is a Swedish/Uruguayan drummer.

Currently member and co-founder of Soen and Fifth to Infinity.

He was formerly a member of Opeth (10 years) and Amon Amarth (2 years).

Amon Amarth “Once sent from the golden hall” (1997)
Opeth “My arms, your hearse” (1998)
Opeth “Still life” (1999)
Opeth “Blackwater park” (2001)
Opeth “Deliverance” (2002)
Opeth “Damnation” (2003)
Opeth “Lamentations” (Live DVD, 2003)
Opeth “Ghost reveries” (2005)
Soen “Cognitive” (2012)
Soen “Tellurian” (2014)
Fifth to Infinity “Omnipotent transdimensional soulfire” (2014)

-Noble and Cooley Drums
-Bosphorus Cymbals
-Latin Percussion
-Gibraltar Hardware
-Los Cabos Drumsticks
-Aquarian Drumheads
-Drum Dial