Welcome to our newly redesigned web page and thanks for checking it out! It has been a number of years since we had a website update and we felt it was time to properly share the entire Noble & Cooley story with everyone.

Noble & Cooley is one of the most innovative and highly regarded drum companies in the world and yet remains somewhat of a secret in the overall drum community. As the oldest drum company in America, Noble and Cooley made the drums for the Civil War and was also one of the first custom drum companies of the modern era. Several of the company’s innovations have made their way onto other manufacturers’ drums. Many professional drummers play Noble & Cooley, particularly the solid shell snares, and virtually everyone who listens to music has heard our drums on their favorite recordings. Players who use our instruments universally speak of their beautiful tones and excellent craftsmanship. We are one of a very small number of companies who continue to manufacture drums by hand in the US. Despite all of this, it is probably safe to say that the majority of the drummers do not know much about our company and our line of only professional drums.

We hope to change that.

Our new website is just one initiative in our attempt to bring you the entire company biography, from manufacturing marching drums for the Civil War to spearheading the custom drum movement to our most recent innovations. We hope you find our new site to be of interest and spend some time learning about our family owned company. We also invite you to visit your favorite drum shop and try out some gear in person or contact us directly to discuss anything drum related. Let us help you find your ideal setup for expressing yourself musically.