Johnny Andrews

Johnny Andrews is a professional touring/studio drummer based out of Victoria B.C., Canada and tours internationally with various artists. He has performed on MTV, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and various other TV shows.

His current gigs include: Tegan and Sara, Rococode, Funktapus, Studio

Johnny had previous recorded and toured with:
Tegan and Sara -Warnner/Vapor/Sanctuary records
db Clifford -Sony/BMG
Cindy Davis
Laura Smith Band
Katie Schaan
Luke Stones
Tyler Harvey
Holly McNarland
Starfield -Sparrow/EMI
Jake -Reunion/Zomba
Jill Paquette -Reunion/Zomba
Matt Brouwer -Reunion/Zomba
Janelle (World youth day singer/event with the Pope) 
Velvet (jazz/funk/hip-hop group)
Vince Vaccaro (rock)
little hannah (rock)
Kuba (funk/r&b/neo-soul)
The Revelation gospel choir (urban gospel)
and other various Pop, jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock recordings

Other endorsements: Yamaha drums, Vater drumsticks, Istanbul Agop cymbals, Evans drum heads

"I love Noble & Cooley drums! The Tone, Tuning range and feel is incredible. I use N&C snares live and in the studio. Producers and engineers love my N&C snares..... I uses them on every recoding I do. N&C snares are perfect for every sound and style of music!"

Johnny's N&C snares:
14"x7" SS Classic Oak- Orange Sparkle/Black chrome and Gold hardware
14"x4.75" Alloy Classic- Black
13"x6.5" Horizon- Purple Sparkle/Black chrome hardware
13"x6.5" CD Maple- Pink Sparkle (glass glitter wrap) chrome hardware
12"x4.5" CD Maple- Brown Maple Gloss/chrome hardware
10"x4.5" CD Maple- Lime Green Sparkle/chrome and gold hardware (mini tube lug)