Throughout our 150 years of business, we've built some incredible friendships with other business owners, entrepreneurs and artists both in and out of the music industry. Black and white logos are not required, just coincidental.  Check out the latest from some friends of Noble & Cooley. 


Converse Rubber Tracks

Iconic Boston footwear company, Converse decided to support new music this past year and created the Rubber Tracks program to help up and coming artists around the globe by providing free recording time in world class studios.  They have their own studio the in the world headquarters in Boston where local artists record daily.   We loaned them some gear for bands to use. Check the page to learn how to apply.


Drum Head Magazine

Drumhead Magazine is the creation of Massachusetts native, session great and music entrepreneur Jonathan Mover. The publication provides drummers, percussionists, and enthusiasts of all abilities and musical styles with the most complete, accurate and entertaining resources available, and is designed to be an indispensable tool for drummers to improve and enhance their craft in order to realize their personal goals.


Christopher golden

CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN is the award-winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and Snowblind.  He also went to high school with John Keane where, as 16 year old kids, they played in a band together.  They both recall struggling to play covers and learning the art of song writing. Chris has become a highly accomplished author but maintains his passion for music.



GYK Antler is our ad agency.   They are what's known as an integrated agency specializing in social media, video production, traditional/digital advertising & web design.  Equally important, they have a great company culture comprised of creative people, many of whom are musicians and passionate about our brand and all things music.  



This is a really cool lifestyle magazine, ostensibly dedicated to motorcycles but really a celebration of everything this world has to offer.  While the motorcycle is the thread that connects their core audience, it’s the places the bike takes them that inspire many of  their stories  They tell those stories in a timeless publication that has been missing from our own coffee tables: a quarterly, heavy stock, 114-page storyteller capturing the chase.  Check out their feature article on us in issue 23.



The classic and the original, modern drummer continues to put out quality content on every aspect of drumming.  Just like Noble & Cooley - steeped in history, highly regarded and on the cutting edge today.  This is the zine we all grew up reading while dreaming of playing on stage.


rich sticks 

Our boys at Rich Sticks in New Hampshire can make you your own custom sticks.  These are made from highest quality hickory to your specs and printed with your artwork. They also designed some cool accessories to make your drumming life easier or more expressive. Be on the lookout for some cool joint ventures with these guys in the near future.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.33.36 PM.png


THUNDERS & WATT applies the punk and DIY ethos to the agency world by facilitating partnerships between bands and brands to create awesome content. Like Johnny Thunders, they are ready to go steady. And like Mike Watt, they jam econo.



We would like to say that these watches were named to honor drummers everywhere but alas, they are not.  However, like Noble and Cooley, Throne is a boutique brand made by hand (though in Brooklyn, New York) and each watch carries their personal guarantee.  Let these guys help you be on time to keep time.

Also of note - watches and leather goods are just the beginning. Throne will be implementing a full line of quality products that encompass it's passion for music, fashion, and utilitarian lifestyle.  



From C-suite executives to Managing Partners, Board Members and Private Equity-Venture Capital executives, Your Exec Brand has successfully worked with clients at every organizational level, in all functional areas, and across the total spectrum of industries to effectively bridge clients into new levels of opportunity and advancement.  For our artists out there who are looking to leverage their talents and backgrounds or our weekend players with professional careers, this team can help you maximize your career. 


YORK Athletics mfg.

Boston based YORK Athletics Mfg. is a minimalist performance footwear brand with shoes for running, the gym, drumming and urban cross training activity. Totally indie vibe, great quality and perfect drum gear.


Zildjian Cymbals

Not that anyone needs this explained to them but Zildjian is the oldest cymbal company in America just as we are the oldest drum company in America. Also based in MA, they worked with us to make the legendary Alloy snare. And like us, they continue to innovate and push the envelope on design.