Chad Clark

Working with members Puddle of Mudd, Guns N' Roses, Prong, Foreigner, CBS Rockstar's house band and countless others have kept Chad a busy drummer in Los Angeles. Touring remote areas such as Kosovo, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Hungary provided a life and musical perspective not found in his hometown of Marshalltown, IA.

Chad and his black-on-black Noble & Cooley kit have kept the groove for Alex Masi (prog rock), Joey Vera (metal), Takara (80's rock), Lexington (nu-metal), Alligator Stew (new country), Rick Monroe (country) and The Vectors (punk). 

"My Noble & Cooley's get more gigs and have been on MTV more than I have. Every band and studio engineer I know wants to borrow them. I just come along for the gig." -Chad Clark