Bill Stevenson

As the founder, drummer, and main songwriter of the legendary pop-punk godfathers The Descendents, and drummer of the seminal punk band, Black Flag, Bill Stevenson's songwriting, drumming, and producing career spans twenty-six years. His drumming style as set forth on the "milo goes to college" album (Descendents) continues to be the blueprint for drummers in the Pop-Punk genre. Drummers from Dave Grohl to Travis Barker to Josh Freeze and back again site Stevenson as a primary influence. Now living in Colorado, where his studio, The Blasting Room is located. Stevenson continues to tour and record with his groups Only Crime, All, and The Descendents. His career in record production, engineering, and mixing includes countless releases for virtually every record label. As a teenager in Los Angeles, Stevenson used to "dream of a way to be able to buy a Noble and Cooley set." Now, 25 years later, he endorses Noble and Cooley, saying "These are the greatest drums, and I have tried every company." Bill has finally found his ideal drum set, with Noble and Cooley.